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About Us

Proactively Caring for People is a programme based on an ideology that analysis of human behaviour and identifying human factors, mental health issues can reduce accidents, incidents, minimise risks in the workplace and improve overall performance. 

It was born out of AC4P programme initially created by Krista S. Geller, PhD and Scott Geller, PhD, an Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech University in USA.

“Actively Caring for People is what it is all about. Let’s focus on more than just safety, but the well-being of those around us. It is all about caring for each other, passing it forward, and saying thank you! That is what AC4P focuses on.” – Krista Geller.

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Krista S. Geller recently co-authored two books with her dad Scott:

– Actively Caring for People’s Safety – How to Cultivate a Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper Work Culture and

– 50 Lessons to Enrich Your Life – Proven Principles from Psychological Science.

Her mission: to inspire people to actively care for the safety and well-being of themselves and others.

Professor Scott Geller, PhD, is co-founder of Geller AC4P. He has taught and researched as a faculty member and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech.

He has authored, edited or co-authored 49 books, 88 book chapters, 39 training programs, 270 magazine articles, and more than 300 research articles addressing the development and evaluation of behaviour change interventions to improve quality of life on a large scale.

His most recent 700-page textbook, with 31 co-authors: Applied Psychology – Actively Caring for People defines Dr Geller’s research, teaching, and scholarship career at Virginia Tech, USA.

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The programme has since evolved to cover mental health and proactive caring in the work environment, hence named Proactive Caring for People – PC4P. PC4P provides awareness and understanding of the impact of poor mental ill-health to your workforce and promotes positive mental health through facilitated workshops, with the aim of:

a. Reducing stigma and discrimination;

b. Encouraging conversation in the workplace;

c. Educate and enable champions from across the workforce to support keeping people safe;

d. Provide access to accredited Mental Health First Aid training and provide assistance to signpost workers to support in their communities;

e. Recognise and accept education and training provided by peers and Building Mental Health partners;

As a company, we are committing to the Building Mental Health Framework which underpins the values of our business and supports people in civil engineering sector, every day, and throughout their working lives. PC4P shares tools that aid in caring for ourselves and those around us.