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Proactively caring for people helps identify human factors and mental health issues which could potentially be a cause of accidents, incidents, unsafe acts or unsafe conditions.

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The programme creates and promotes safer work environments and building positive safety attitudes.



Proactively Caring for People improves communication with site teams, management and helps organisations identify at-risk behaviours.



Improves worker engagement in reducing workplace injuries and incidents.


Using simple but effective observation techniques, co-workers observe each other, identifying occurrences of safe and at-risk behaviours.

Following the brief observation, the observer gives constructive one-on-one feedback to reinforce safe work behaviours and discuss alternatives for any observed at-risk behaviours.​

The data from the observations are collected and summarised, highlighting common safe and at-risk practices and identifying any mental health issues that could be contributes to at-risk behaviours.

This is can be done in an anonymous and constructive way, never publicly identifying or blaming the observed employees.​

Employees better understand and can address system problems which influence risky behaviours and human error.​

The resulting process is a more comprehensive, holistic, and effective tool for creating a workplace that optimises human safety-related performance.

What are the benefits and
who is this programme for?

Provides positive feedback to and from workers that are dealing with hazards within their work fronts.

Improving communication with craftsmen and management on health, safety, environment and wellbeing related issues

Promotes coaching, education and teamwork and better understanding of the consequences of at-risk behaviours

Promotes coaching, education and teamwork

Being part of the solution to improve the overall Health Safety and Wellbeing culture

PC4P is for any organisation looking to improve overall organisational wellbeing

ABC Model

PC4P is a behavioural based programme structured around the ABC (Antecedent, Behaviour and Consequence) model – the cornerstone of Behavioural Safety programmes.

PC4P Champions

PC4P champions are volunteers from within the organisation that are trained up to:

• Know what a behaviour is
• Understand what drives behaviour
• Become experienced in conducting observations
• Provide effective and caring feedback to and from peers
• Recognising the importance of making it personal
• Understanding the behavioural Champion role in the process

Safety and Wellbeing

Proactively caring for People makes the connection between behaviours and good safety culture.
Proactively Caring for People Champions Behavioural Champions – Project C610 Crossrail ATC Liverpool St with PC4P founder - Warren Lowe

Newly trained VVB Behavioural Champions – Project C610 Crossrail ATC Liverpool St.

Proactively Caring for People safe aid, PC4P founder - Warren Lowe in Action

January 2020. Warren Lowe – founder of Proactive Caring for People, guest speaker at Satra Technology Centre – Presentation on Personal Protective Equipment. 

Our Mission

The mission of PC4P programme is to develop safe workplaces for everyone.

Most importantly the goal of PC4P is to see that everyone returns home safe and healthy to their families having demonstrated 100% safe behaviours.

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